So glad you are here. Let's get to know eachother! 

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Hi! I’m Amanda, or mom, or AJ, or babe, depending on who you are. I am mom to one animated little boy and wife to the (a little biased) most amazing man.  I love waking up before the sun to take road trips, lazy Sunday mornings, banana pancakes and living room dance parties with my toddler and husband. I am slightly obsessed with starting my day with coffee and creamer, so if you are interested in a sunrise photo shoot, I'll be there, just with my coffee canteen in hand. I have been chasing stray animals since 2001 and currently have a scarily human like (aren’t they all?) black lab and a kitty named poppy who adopted us. Really she showed up on our door step and now I don’t even know who runs the house, her or my toddler?

I have always had an interest in photography but not so much the camera itself as what a camera could capture.

I often find myself day dreaming, imaging myself 25 years from now or even 5. And I think about how quickly this moment will pass, how just in the time I have thought about it passing it has. How one day I will be 70, my parents no longer  a short drive away, my son will no longer be a chubby cheeked toddler and my husband will be as handsome as ever but he will not be young. I think about the fleetingness of time and I imagine what I would want to look at that could take me back.

That is what brings me to photography and that is what drives me to create. I want to capture your here and now, so that when it passes you have an image to bring you back.

Let me capture your child dropping blueberries in Saturday morning pancakes, your first laugh as a married couple, your 10,000th kiss on your 50th anniversary, your annual family picnic, Sunday morning cuddles, summer hikes and fall campfires. Let me remind you of where you are and where you have been.  I want each image I give to you, to bring you back to the exact moment it was taken and all of the joy it held.